AGD Impact

The Academy is the publisher a monthly newsmagazine covering some of the most hotly-debated issues affecting general practice. Your marketing message will penetrate more deeply into your target population with the two publications and you should be advertising in them! Here’s why:

The Academy’s newsmagazine is read by the leaders of organized dentistry to a degree unknown by any other dental magazine because the Academy’s readers are organizationally active, both locally and nationally. Many of the Academy’s leaders follow a leadership track in the profession overall, taking with them their loyalty to the Academy and its policies and publications.
AGD Impact is shared, discussed and debated, a natural spotlight for a smart marketer.


AGD Impact also is a market magnet. Its bi-monthly CDE Source lists the Fellowship and Mastership approved courses of any course sponsor approved under the Academy’s National Sponsor Approval Program. The listings will appear in the January, March, May, July, October and December issues. To list your courses please call and ask for Shannell Lofton.

Reader Profile
Who are the Academy’s readers? The majority of our readers (66%) are under the age of 45, with the single largest group (46%) comprised of those in their 30’s. This represents a concentrated population of new and developing dentists.

Readers of AGD publications do not restrict or limit their practice to any specialty, preferring to practice in all areas for which they are qualified, including prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, periodontics and implant dentistry.

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